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VIZIO VF552XVT 55Inch Class XVT Series TRULED 240Hz

New VIZIO Smart TV Qwerty keyboard remote XRT302 New VIZIO Smart TV Qwerty keyboard remote XRT302
List Price: $80.00
Sale Price: $11.46
You save: $68.54 (86%)

Original New Vizio XRV1TV Keyboard Remote working with following TV models E472VL, E472VLE, E552VLE, M420SV, M470SV, M550SV, M420SL, M470SL M550SL, M420SV, M420KD M470VS M550VS M650VS M550SL E551VA M470SV M550SV, M370SR, M420SR, M420KD, E551VA, E460ME, M420SR, M420SV, M470SV, M550SV, E3D320VX, E3D420VX, E3DB420VX, E3D470VX, M320SR, E472VL /E472VLE/E552VLE/M420SV M470SV M550SV M420SL M470SL M550SL;; M420SV M470SV M550SV M370SR M420SR M420KD E551VA E460ME M420SR M420SV M470SV M550SV E3D320VX E3D420VX E3DB420VX E3D470VX M320SR M3D421SR M3D550SR M3D460SR M3D420SR XVT3D474SV E3D420VX XVT3D650SV M420SV M470SV M550SV M320SR M420SR M3D460SR E3D320VX E3D420VX E3D470VX E322VL E422VL E472VL E552VL Please note: SV422XVT SV472XVT VF552XVT M470NV M550NV XVT3D650SV, your HDTV must install the latest firmware(the version with youtube and Skype apps) to be able to use this keyboard remote...

  • Original New Vizio XRT302 Keyboard Remote
  • VIZIO Smart internet TV Keyboard remote
  • 470VSE M650VSE M550VSE E420i-A1 E500i-A1 E601i-A3 E470i-A0 M420KD E420i-A0 E500i-A0 E470I-A0
  • VIZIO Qwerty internet remote control
  • VIZIO Smart TV remote

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VIZIO SV472XVT 47Inch Class XVT Series TRULED 240Hz

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